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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Moving Along

So here we are in the dining room. I kept things pretty simple with a red and green theme. I will be adding more fresh greenery as it gets a bit closer because I love to have the balsam smell permeating the house during the holidays.

And still MORE Santa pictures - with a few Nutcracker and skiing pix thrown in for good measure.

Normally when I show you the dining room, we go into the kitchen as well but, here is what my kitchen has looked like the last 2-3 days and today it looks about the same except the crafts supplies are swapped out for baking supplies. I have 6 kinds of cookies finished with my "Forgotten" cookies left to go tonight. These are meringues that go in a hot oven that gets turned off as cookies go in and they are ready when you wake up - so easy and so yummy!

I do still have a few more things to show you but we will be gone the next 3 days, so you will just have to be patient. I will be back and tell you all about our adventures - stay tuned!

And, oh yes, I will show you what all of this mess became.

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