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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Wow! Have I ever been on the go this week. Thought it was going to be a slow week, but it ended up busy and fun.

Somewhere amongst all of the fun, I managed to get down my Halloween decorations. Everything is happily stashed away except for the outdoor stuff which will be put up on the top shelves in the garage this evening after hubby comes home and can hand things up to me as I will be high up on the ladder.

I think I mentioned that I have just a few more Halloween photos to share and then we are on to November! On Halloween morning I had the honor of being at Hud & Presley's Halloween Festival at their pre-school. It is simple but fun and always a delight watching how the little ones interact with each other-especially in costume!

With all of the stations that were set up, Presley's favorites were the tattoo area and, as always, "decorate your own cookie-and then eat it"!

Hudson's favorites were "fishing" and, again, cookie decorating! I love how high those little kids can get the icing and goodies piled on those cookies. We used to do this sooooo many years ago at our Halloween parties and it seems as if it was the favorite back then as well-funny how that works!

Later that evening, we were invited to dinner and then trick-or-treating. Always so much fun. I just love to see how excited the kids get and how warmly they are received by so many neighbors. Always lots of good memories to be made.

And so we wrap up another October and another Halloween. I truly can't believe that the entire month is over but, once again, we filled it to the brim with all of our favorite traditions with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

The month of November is always a beautiful weather month where we live and this year is no exception. I have actually had windows open all week and it is gorgeous. We have already been to south Florida for 3 days for a beautiful family wedding, feted at the pre-school at a special celebration of grand parents, voted and baby sat Hudson during the Gator game. It is rare that we only get Hudson and he was so much fun. I had a few chores that I had to get done before we could sit down and watch the game, so he came along with me and we had a grand time. And, of course, it culminated with him getting to pick out an early birthday gift. He chose a remote control truck and what fun we had racing it around our circle and up and down ramps once the Gators pulled off the sloppiest win ever! Oh well, a win is a win and we will take them any way they come these days.

The house is now decorated for Thanksgiving-if it were only clean as well, life would be good. I will be posting some pictures soon. Stay tuned.

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