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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keeping It Real!!!!

Yes, it may be "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in parts of the house, but in others, this is what you will see-or worse!

And, this is just what is left of autumn that is still in the house. The rest is all over the floor of the garage along with most of the Christmas containers still waiting to be put away! I wish I could come up with a better system but so far I haven't. But, as we speak, the livingroom is pretty much done-maybe a little tweaking here and there but come along for a peek.

Trying to keep things simple and not use everything I have in my collection but, since this will be the first year without my mom, I am finding it hard to pare down on so many things that hold so many fond memories. I seem to be particularly focused on using everything she has made or that I have made out of things that were once hers. I started right here in the foyer with one of her doillies that I glittered. I made these as gifts last year and I can find a place for mine in almost every holiday for which I decorate.

 This was really more the look I wanted to go for this year. Simply propped the mercury glass orbs from PB (last year) into a PB basket and filled it with greenery. That really was my intention but as you move through my house you will see that I was only successful in that intent in a few places. Somehow, those ubiquitous Santas just had to make their way in-just not Christmas without Santa!!

 I wanted a place for the current year's Santa pictures on this couch table, but I also wanted the wooden box here. Finally dawned on me to nestle the photos in the box and I could have my cake and eat it too-which I seem to be doing a lot of these days but that is another story!

So that is the livingroom. Once again, I have stuck to red, green and gold glitter. I guess I really am a traditionalist. As much as I adore some of the new color combinations I am seeing for Christmas-particularly the copper and moss green combo- I can't seem to bring it into my home. Perhaps it is just the thought of the cost and time to track down all of that new stuff not to mention the need for MORE storage space.

I wish I could take pictures to show you how this room looks lit at night. Presley spent the afternoon here yesterday and as it got dark, she and I lit all of the lights and candles and just sat and took it all in. It really was beautiful and such a special moment to share with such a special little one-truly a gift to see the holiday through a child's eyes!

Stay tuned. If I ever get out from under autumn, I will be back. Heading to Tampa for a few days as well, so I'll fill you in on that soon too. 

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  1. Looking good. You want simple, buy the fresh garland from Lowes like we did this year. It is so sparse, even when I have doubled it up, we keep telling ourselves it is simple and clean. I imagine by halfway through the month, my garland will literally just be sticks! Can't wait to see the finished project!