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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Even though October is over and November is supposed to be a bit more low key in our family, we have stayed super busy. Lots of time with grand chldren either at a school function or at my house spending some time.

We are now busy planning a Polar Express birthday party for Hudson who will be 5 next week (well, actually, his mom has done most everything but put me in charge of a golden ticket invitation. Since Hud has his own opinion of what this should look like, I take my job very seriously).

We are also heading up to Gainesville for a few days next week to help my daughter's class make and bottle homemade apple sauce as gifts for their parents and school employees. I have been doing this for a good many years and I so enjoy it. Guess I've talked about it so much that hubby wants to tag along this year. Thought we'd spend an extra day just visiting and catching up on their super busy lives! Looking forward to a lovely leisurely meal out and then time sitting around a beautiful fire hearing everyone's news.

Also had the privilege of attending one more award ceremony for Harrison where he once again received an award for the All E honor roll. It is always so wonderful to see all of those little people up on stage and hear about all of their accomplishments-makes me feel like our future is in good hands.

I guess I tell you all of that so you understand where my time goes and forgive my pitiful attempt at a post today. Only had time for a few pictures but I will have more soon.


 So that is pretty much the family room for Thanksgiving. Of course, the shelves on the entertainment unit as well as in other areas are once again full of old, seasonal pictures in autumn frames but I spared you that this time. Only a few change ups in last year's decorations but as long as it has the soothing feel of autumn to me, I am good with it. For some reason, I don't tire of my autumn vignettes as quickly as I do for other holidays. It's either that, or I am still exhausted from all of the Halloween to really care-ha-ha.

Here's my proud boy. Smart but "all boy"" because if you look carefully you will see the folds of a paper airplane on his lovely certificate. We caught him folding it as we were coming out to congratulate him-yikes! He really keeps us on our toes but is really the coolest kid! Next year, he will be in 3rd grade and his brother will be here in kindergarten so we will be doing back to back award assemblies-well, that is, if Hud follows in his brothers footsteps-we shall see. Stay tuned.

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  1. Seriously, super proud of Harrison but I have never heard of a school having more award ceremonies than his! The house looks good, too bad we won't see it this year. Happy Thanksgiving.