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Monday, November 12, 2012

Turkey Time

So Halloween is put away and Thanksgiving is ready. Since we don't have the family celebration at our house any more, my decorations stay pretty mild and at a minimum. I do still love to have all of the colors, sights and scents of autumn and Thanksgiving around me this month though. Since it took so long to put Halloween away, I haven't gone out actively seeking new decor, so most of what you see will be pretty much as it was last year but with a bit of the usual tweaking.

Let's start in the living room.

I'm loving having this new area to decorate, but as I look at it in photos, I am thinking that mirror is a bit too large. I like it here because it has a bit of a verdi gris finish on the inside edges of the frame and that match the slate floor just perfectly. But, I am also thinking that I might move it into the familyroom after the new year, so we shall see what happens. I am becoming a bit reluctant to moving things as that usually sets off a chain reaction for me and I end up spending a LOT of money before I am done!

The living room is pretty simple and self explanatory. Most of the candles are pumpkin scented, so when they are lit, the room not only takes on a beautiful soft glow, but the welcoming scent of autumn as well. Maybe that's why I am constantly perusing Pinterest for another new pumpkin recipe-guess I need to add the FLAVORS of autumn to my "love list". We will move on soon. Stay tuned.

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