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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Giving Myself the Green Light!

Can you tell I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for "green" references. Any way, we are now in the living room. The above vignette is my PB area. I love all things PB and this pretty much says it all. Again, I seem to have gone mostly "green" with a few St. Pat's things squeezed in.

I still love this leprechaun's hat craft that the kids and I made many years ago. I put it on a candle stick to give it a bit more presence on the sofa table. You will see why it needed more presence when you look at the next picture.

I have once again decided to leave out my rustic box with no idea what I would do with it. The lights are still in it so it looks pretty at night and the candles are switched to green (has anyone else noticed how hard it is to find St. Pat's green candles? Most of the ones I can find are either more avocado or this pale green or lime. If you have found a source, please let me know-but, I digress) but the fresh herbs or green plants haven't happened yet making this a pretty motley looking area during the day. I will try to get right on it but I won't hold my breath!

Hope everyone is having the same breath-taking weather that we are. I spent most of the day outside and am about to pour a glass of wine, grab my book and head out by the pool. The leaves are coming down like crazy but after a quick blow off, the patios still look alright so I am off before that changes and I find myself working again. Just made a new St. Pat's banner so there will be more to come soon. Stay tuned.

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