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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It was chilly and dreary today so the Valentine lights cast a really warm glow throughout the house. I tried to capture the feel but I am just not that good a photographer. I am sure my camera could capture the glow I wanted to show you, but I bet you would have to move the dial off of the "dummy" side and I am so not ready for that! Just trust me that the glow today was different from the way these lights look at night and it made me even happier not to have to leave the house.

And, as if that didn't make it all good enough, I got to babysit my 2 youngest grandchildren for a few hours and we had so much fun. Somehow when they are here I don't care in the least that I am not accomplishing anything other than spending time with them! So many wonderful giggles and smiles!

I finally filled the wooden box with something "valentiney". Had actually thought about flowers with lights but I am not the biggest fan of artificial flowers and real ones would have been impractical. I have a lot of old Valentines so I simply placed them in there and then interspersed the white lights. I really kind of thought this would be a temporary fix but after I did it (and quite honestly just never came up with anything better), I decided that I liked it.

Need to get started on my food gifts in the next day or two so stay tuned.

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