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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even though today is Valentine's Day, I am still seeing things I like and if they are quick and easy, I am apt to give them a try. I found this banner download at "The Scrap Shoppe" blog and it was kind of a no brainer. I simply downloaded it, printed it, cut it out, punched holes and strung. Since I still had this window frame sitting around looking for its new home, I strung it across the front and propped it up on the "garden" themed Valentine mantle.

I know a lot of you are wondering why I would still be tweaking with Valentine's Day upon us but since I am hosting my daughter's birthday weekend this coming week and I have a "calendar full" week this week, I won't have time to get my Valentine stuff down before everyone arrives, so it will be up for about another week. With that being the case, I figured if I saw something I wanted to try, I would give myself permission.

I am also using any free time I have to get a few batches of cookies and some "red hot" popcorn made to use as gifts tomorrow. Three of the four recipes are new and came from Pinterest so I will let you know how they turn out.

With 7 grandchildren, we get many "gifts of the heart" and they are my favorite. I love the things that they make by themselves and the looks of pride their faces carry as they burst through the front door and proudly present their latest creation. And, I ALWAYS find a place to display my treasures. Sometimes finding "just the right spot" is a bit more challenging than other times, but find one I always do. The above heart was made for us by Hudson and presented with several beautiful Valentine bookmarks that his brother and sister helped with as well. Whenever Hud presents me with something, I always ask where he would like to see it displayed and he always knows just the right spot. This beautiful treasure now sits right atop my large bowl of pinecones gathered from the front of Morgan's school (much to her embarrassment and one of the reasons I am now known as "Nana Pinecone" amongst her friends-but that is another story!). He made it all by himself thanks to the self-stick fun foam and I couldn't love it more! It will be out again for many years to come and I hope he always remembers how special all of these things are to us as the years go by!

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