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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taking Time To Smell the "Poinsettias"

Isn't this the prettiest poinsettia? It is called "Ice Punch". I love the pink in the red leaves. I am a bit of a purist but I love this variation.

My plan for this post was to continue on with the decorating tour, but I just got home last night and I dove into 4 different projects today before I snapped pictures, so the tour is being postponed until I can see some clear surfaces again!

But, I can show you a bit of what I have been enjoying this past week. Daughter #2 and I went to a poinsettia show and sale at UF this week. We entered a greenhouse full of the most beautiful and lush poinsettias I have ever seen. We were asked to judge some of the new species-mostly just our personal preferences. I'm not a fan of the red and yellow combinations but even those were beautiful. I think what they were doing is to try to determine what new species might be worth propagating for the mass market. Believe me, if they can produce some of those plants for the retail market, you are in for a treat in the next few years.

After we were done there, we were directed to another greenhouse for the sale. Wow! It was a bit overwhelming but we both managed to find a favorite to take home. Even though I live in Florida, I have never been very good at growing these things so keep your fingers crossed that mine will live long enough to make it through the holiday.

Since we were out and about most of my time in Gainesville, we had to make the obligatory stop to see the big guy. This Santa was just wonderful. I had the chance to observe him with a number of young children before my 2 grand daughters arrived. He really liked the kids and his patience with the mothers was infinite!

He was wonderful with my two because they are a bit past the sitting on Santa's knee age but always willing to do this picture because they know how much it means to Nana and Papa-after all, we don't really make too many other requests of them! It always feels so good to do this and be around happy people in the holiday spirit. Kind of what it is all about!

And, of course, we had to see the pre-school Christmas pageant. As the director said, it was kept short and sweet but it was wonderful. None of the kids were upset and everybody participated...someone sure did something right to have all of those 2, 3 and 4 year olds want to be there and doing their thing! It was really another lovely addition to the holiday season!

That is Presley peeking out at me. Thank goodness she didn't come running off of the stage when she saw me!

The 2 year olds with their jingle bells.

The 3 years olds with rhythm sticks-and no one got bopped over the head-probably a first with this age group!

Hudson is multi-talented. In this picture I think he is clapping and rhythm sticking all at the same time!

After the program, we were pushing our luck trying to get a picture but I think this is cute. It kind of gives you a good idea about the mood each of the kiddles was in.

So that is what I have been up to. I am hoping to get some things finished today and get back on some sort of routine by tomorrow. I have lots more to share. Stay tuned!

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