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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Start the Tour

I am still doing some tweaking but because I will once again be out of town for a few days, I thought I would at least get us started on our Christmas tour.

I like to think of this as my PB vignette. If money were no object, I think I would just move into their catalog-so much easier than buying it all and bringing it here! I love the feel of PB!! It says "homey and casual" to me and that is pretty much how we live.

This vignette features the white olive jar that I bought last year (along with the red and green ones from Southern Living) and one of my newest purchases-the wooden lantern. I love this lantern and you will probably see it in much decorating through the year. This area also features some of the antique glittered things that I have found. I love this color of glitter. It look like a mix of bronze and silver with a hint of gold. I am planning on stopping in Micanopy later this week to see if I can find more to add to my collection.

Here is one of the old wooden boxes that I have had forever. When everyone on the blogs started featuring them in their decorating, I dragged them back into the house. I like the kind of primitive look it gives the Santas.

Must thank the PB again for my newest pillow. It is hand painted on linen and I love it. The other 2 pillows I found at "Too Chic Boutique"- a great on-line shop that features many wonderful items.

Even though I no longer do cross stitch (where did I ever find the time? Guess I used to stitch while I was watching TV late into the night. My old eyes can no longer do that!), I still love the Santa that I made. He is carrying his big old pack just like these other 2 Santas.

Once again, most of the Santas are relegated to the top of the armoire. One of these years I am not going to put them out at all but every time I try to do that, memories take over and I can't bear to leave them in storage.

Here is my simple wooden box dressed for Christmas. Now that I am looking at this picture, I am wondering why I didn't buy lights on green wire-so much easier to hide. Oh well, maybe next year!

Still not happy with the entry. MUST come up with a re-do in 2012!

And here is my favorite find at the Pottery Barn this year-mercury orbs that you can fill with lights. I absolutely love these things. You should see how beautiful they look at night! I bought the small and medium size. I had fully intended to buy all 3, but when I found a store that still had the large one in stock, it was humongous. I usually like things in threes but since these were going on the table with the other mercury glass things, I thought I might be O.K. with it-and I am!

Heading off for a few days to visit my mom and do some shopping with daughter #2. Be back soon and we will continue on. Stay tuned.

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  1. Looks really good. LOVE the PB orbs!! I have $75 in gift cards for PB, think those would look perfect in my living room!