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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deck the Halls...

and the mantles, and the windows, and the doorways-well, you get the idea!

Today is Christmas Eve and we are supposed to be on our way to daughter #2 in a few hours but I still had some last minute things to do so I thought I would clean up enough to take a few pictures and wrap up this tour.

This is our family room. I use white lights in almost all of the house except this room and the sunroom - which I just remembered I forgot to photograph so you will have to accept my word on that. These are the rooms where the children are most often and I have always used colored lights in these ares. To me they are more childlike-happy and bright as opposed to the more formal white lights. It doesn't show up in these pictures, but there are a lot of colored lights in this room!

The mantle is a bit different this year. I love the lanterns and wanted a more rustic feel. Didn't quite get what I was going for but never had time to go back and tweak.

I told you you would see this bowl of pine cones again. I simply added some fresh greenery and it was perfect for Christmas!

I LOVE our tree this year. We had to cut off so much to fit it into our 8' ceilinged room-it was truly majestic before the chain saw came out but we love a tree with lots of breadth-we've actually had wider ones but this tree was so fresh it has continued to take over a quart of water every day since it went into the stand and has hardly shed a needle. I keep it lit all day as I just love looking at it. It is full of so many memories and lots of new ones as well as everyone knows an ornament is always a good gift for me. I try hard to hang every one every year. I use lots of the simple balls further in the branches and the "meaningful" ones out where they are more easily seen. I love the sparkle coming from deep within the tree.

I love my old red cupboard! There is quite a story behind it. May have to tell you some day. In any case, I added more shelves to it and it now houses our collection of movies for easy picking. The kid movies are stored out in a piece in the sunroom so they can reach them and get them going all by themselves these days.

Not much explanation needed for much of this. I did change up some things this year. Kind of went a little more natural and held off some of the cutesy things. Of course, if it was a gift from a child or grand child, it is still there somewhere. The fridge is covered with Christmas crafts from many years ago. They may not pass Martha's decor test, but it wouldn't be the same without them!

That is the quick tour. So many things to talk about but that will have to wait. We will be spending Christmas Eve and morning in Gainesville. Before leaving, we will visit and have lunch with my mom. Then it is back to Ocala and the afternoon and dinner at daughter #3's house. Then, on the 26th, we will all meet again at Jen's for the afternoon and appetizers before heading back to our house for presents and our traditional Christmas meal. Uh, I forgot, this year we are going for pizza. More about that at another time. I will be back before you know it with lots to share. Until then, have a blessed and family-filled Christmas and stay tuned!

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