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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally Moving Forward!

I know I promised to get back to you soon as I had cleared away some of my clutter. Well..... This is as far as I can go today. Seems I am still in the middle of a dozen projects. The days are flying by but nothing seems to be getting done. I keep running out of supplies putting me out of the house and once that happens, I just have to hit another shop or two...or three. I promise I will use tomorrow wisely!

In any case, here we are in the dining room. This creche sits on top of the pie safe cupboard. It is made up of the one my husband and I bought when we were first married (46 years ago), my mom's and some new pieces I have added. I always just surround it with fresh greenery. It is simple but so meaningful.

More greenery and poinsettias-some fresh, some silk- surrounding the PB deer my daughter bought us for an anniversary present many years ago. I still love the "statelyness" of this guy.

This wreath usually hangs in the livingroom. Well, not this exact wreath but one given to us every year. My husband has a friend who travels to N.C. every year to pick up these wreaths for his clients and he always includes us on his list. These wreaths couldn't be any fresher and they smell so good. This year, our wreath was double-sidied so I decided to hang it in the pass through. Besides, I usually hang it on the curtain rod and this thing is so heavy I was afraid it might pull it right out of the wall!

A collection of mercury glass and rust-I am in heaven. The container that the poinsettias are in is usually outside-you can even see the real rust developing on the side. I seem to bring it into use every Christmas and again on Easter when it grows grass.

I have had this centerpiece for ages. I actually just realized how dated it is but I like to use it because many times a client of my husbands will send us a fresh arrangement and I can quickly whisk this away with no regrets. It sits on a runner (with matching napkins) that our youngest daughter made us several years ago. It even has our stitched monogram at both ends.

Hanging from the chandelier is a Santa tassel I found in a little downtown shop several years ago. He moves around but since I didn't get to anything more creative for this spot, here he shall rest this year.

My usual overflow of pictures.

Simple apothecary jar full of mercury glass ornaments sitting on a piece handmade in Norway and given to me by my mother-in-law many, many years ago.

Another mercury glass container sitting on a doilly that my mom made for all of us several Christmases ago. You can just see the corner of a piece of "stained glass" that grand daughter #3 made for us in G.S.

More mercury glass-the funny shaped one in front was another recent purchase from PB.

The hutch is swagged with greens from which I have hung small green velvet frames that I made a long time ago and filled with pictures from my childhood. I like them hung here better than on the tree because they're not competing with the other thousand ornaments on the tree. They're definitely easier to see.

So that's it for now. I am hoping to be back soon with the next room. Stay tuned.

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