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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So many photos... little time!

This is the picture that started it all. We took it on Thanksgiving. I had hoped to get a really good picture of my husband and me and all of the kids but that is usually just a pipe dream because if we are all together to take a picture, it probably means it is a special occasion and they are all too excited to stand still and take instruction. We got a few that were O.K. but then I brought out the props I had made. I saw this idea on Pinterest and they seemed to work-at least they all stood still long enough to get this picture. I used it in my Christmas cards.

In a previous post I mentioned that my son-in-law took some of the kids to see the "crazy house" in St. Pete. He took these pictures on his phone and sent them to me. You can get an idea why the kids call this the "crazy house" as it is really someone's home and covered head to toe, inside and out in holiday sparkle! Fun to visit, but I don't think I would want to live there-or anywhere near there for that matter as it does cause quite a crowd every year!

As I was thinking of this post and all of the pictures I took over my numerous celebrations of Christmas, I realized that the only true measure of the holiday was on the faces of those that I love. Thought I would spare you the typical opening presents, trying out new toys, etc. pictures and concentrate on the true feelings of Christmas. I left out the grown-up faces as requested, but just know that there were just as many smiles amongst that group as you will see on the younger ones!

Got to share a nice long visit with my mom. She was having a really good day this particular day and we got to share many laughs about holidays past! She looked so festive in the holiday shirt I got for her. It is still really difficult not having her with us for the holidays but her health hinders her leaving the nursing home any more and, quite honestly, I don't think she really realizes how her life has changed of late. She is very secure and happy where she is and that is all that we can ask for. Each of my daughters and their children had a chance to visit with her this holiday so she had more that enough excitement for the occasion!

There are lots of stories behind those faces-especially the one full of peanut butter, but I will just leave it at that.

We had appetizers at Jen's house before heading to mine for gifts and dinner and managed to sneak in one more picture. The days were full and hectic but bursting with love and togetherness. It has been a challenging year for our family and nothing solidifies us more than our chances to be together. The true gift of the day is our family! I hope you and yours had as many chances to make memories as we did. I am going to enjoy the rest of this week with more Christmas music, lights on throughout the house, lunch with friends and a few more quick get- togethers with family.

After that, my mind will begin thinking of the new year. I don't make resolutions any more because I never kept them but I am thinking of some projects I would like to start and there is always another holiday on the horizon. I am already "seeing hearts and flowers" so stay tuned.

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