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Monday, April 18, 2011

It Can Only Get Better

I am thinking of that saying a lot these days as this is what my European meditation - at least that was my goal for this space - garden looks like as we speak. I put in this "patio" several years ago all by myself. I think I knew it was probably more than I could handle by myself as I was doing it, but once I make up my mind....... I bought tons (or at least it felt like tons) of cement slate looking stones. I loaded them on the cart and then into my car all by myself. Then I lugged them all to the backyard. This area used to be a picket fenced garden - more of a "cottagey" feel. I tore that all out and began the leveling process. By now, I had completely gone over the budget that my husband had mentioned, so I couldn't justify spending more on sand. I figured I could just move around some of the dirt that was already there. It's kind of a sad, long story but suffice it to say, one of my sons-in-law called it my soup bowl! I was O.K. with it not being flat. After all, it was supposed to be European & Europe is OLD! Any way, over time it just got worse and worse.

That is when I called in the reserves. We have a son-in-law living with us right now as he has taken a job here in Ocala and their house hasn't yet sold in Lakeland. And, he is an engineer. Who better I thought to help me solve this problem.

He got right to work and pulled up the stones. Now he is trying to find us the sand so desperately needed and get it delivered by the truckload - not the bags from Lowes that was my plan - and would have cost $600 just for the sand! He's also measuring and talking in a foreign language. Words like cubic feet, yards, levels, etc. Do you mean you actually have to prepare before you dive into a job like this? Who knew! This is the same man who couldn't believe we bought a 10 foot Xmas tree for our 8 foot ceilings. I guess we showed him! He couldn't believe we were just going to keeping chopping until it fit. He humored us for awhile and then he mentioned a measuring tape. Again, who knew!!!??

Hopefully it won't be long before I am once again sitting in my old
world garden and "meditating". O.K., I never actually meditated, but I could if I wanted if I only had a patio.

On the other hand, the rest of the pool area is coming along. I had the most marvelous 3 days! I spent every second of it outdoors. Finally got all of the rest of the furniture painted, all of the pool deck and gazebo roof and a lot of the fencing pressure cleaned and all of my new plants planted. I should have taken a picture of myself after pressure cleaning the gazebo. I have to stand on the 4th step of the ladder, so I'm a bit off balance. I usually lean into the roof so I don't fall and then of course, the water comes rushing down the slope and hits me square in the face. I look like a drowned rat, but I really do enjoy doing it. It makes such a huge change that I get a great sense of accomplishment - plus I just look downright silly! This area is beginning to come together. I find myself sitting here more often so I know I must like it a bit better. It still has a way to go, but I will continue to work on it. And please make note of that sparkly clean cool deck! More to come. Stay tuned.

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