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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Topiary

The last few days have been simply gorgeous so I have spent most of them outdoors. Today the weather is wet and gloomy - good for my newly planted flowers, but not good for being outdoors.It is so bad out there actually that I don't want to leave the house but just had an itch to "do" something. Figured it had to be with things I had around here, so I decided on an egg topiary. Variations of this have been all over the blogs of late.

I had picked up a 6" paper mache egg in the Easter section of HL the other day. It was 50% off $1.47, so pretty inexpensive. Everything else I had on hand. Painted the egg with baby blue, sage and a bit of raw umber. I used a wet sea sponge so I could mottle the colors together. Then, I speckled it with watered down burnt umber.

I painted a rose pot in taupe, glued some reindeer moss around the rim, set in the egg and tied it up with some variegated French silk ribbon. I wanted to keep the colors kind of neutral because after the holiday, I am going to take off the violet ribbon and tie it up with either something green or possibly just jute and use it in the spring decor. Because this was for Easter, I felt it was calling out for a tag, so I downloaded the rabbit on dictionary page (I forgot where I got this. I download them into my file & lose the blog. Will have to try to do better in the future), matted him with colors from the ribbon and made a cardboard tag.

Then, after I took the pictures and posted them, I realized that something was missing. Thought a flower or two was needed so I headed to my "flower stash" and found these increible handmade paper flowers in pretty much the same color wave as the ribbon. I also colored one of my paper leaves. I was starting to glitz it up a bit more but decided to stop as this was going in the livingroom with the bird cages, etc. - more of a natural feel. I think I like it and it kept me busy today. Yes, I could have done some cleaning, but who wants to do that on a wet and gloomy day? Better makes plans fast for tomorrow because I hear it is going to be gorgeous again and the vacuum and mop are calling!

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