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Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Velcome" to my Dining Room

So here we are entering the dining room. As you can see, family pictures once again predominate. I keep telling myself that the most current pictures would be fine (with the exception of the MUST HAVE whole group photos from years past), but when I look at those little faces, I can't bear to part with one. Some day I WILL reach the saturation point, but not this year - thank goodness!

This is one of my favorite projects from past years. That year I think we made a "word" sign for every holiday we could. We all started with the same base & it was so much fun to see how everyone finished them. Mine is never as intricate as the kids - I love their creativity!

This is another of my favorites. Don't remember where I got the idea, but the hat is made from black, Crayola air dry paper clay. I don't think that is its official name but I don't use it much. It was amazing how well the kids did molding their hats. Then all we did was put in some copper wire and decorate with ribbon and a small wooden star. -love it!

I'm still not sure about the hutch. I think the orange pitcher & bowl are throwing me off, but I love them & don't have anywhere else to put them right now. This was supposed to be my "laboratory", but I'm not quite there. I'll keep working on it I'm sure.

I found this plastic platter at the party store - pretty inexpensive but I like the "feel" of it for this area. The skeleton hand was downloaded and framed. I already had the frame so it was a free project.

We made these "eek" signs last year. They were all over blogland and fun to do. I found the frames at the Dollar Tree and my oldest grand daughter downloaded the words to "The Raven" and then imposed the letters on top for me. When we went to frame them, something was missing. We hunted around and found the hologram wrapping paper. We covered the mat with it and it just fit the bill. It really catches the light no matter where you put it.

I found this guy in a Dade City decorator's shop a few years ago. I had a number of places where I planned to hang him but none of them worked either because of his width or moldings or the way doors opened. In any case, I hung him here and every year I plan to move him because I don't like him hanging in front of the words on the wall.....but, every year he remains. It is the one thing I never get around to doing. Last year I walked into another shop and saw one hanging from the ceiling. I loved it and that was my plan for this year, but, the best laid plans.....besides, I have the nails right where they need to be!

Here is my other mummy - the one Harrison reminded me needs to be filled with treats. On the tea cart is a French flower bucket that I painted with chalkboard paint and filled with branches I painted black. I hung some of my vintage postcards from the branches & then added more lights. I can never have too many lights this time of year!

Made these pumpkins last year. Now that I'm looking at them, I think my "Os" are upside down - or maybe it's the "B". In any case, I'm trying to decide if it bothers me enough to repaint - probably not!

This is the little niche I had put in to the wall of cabinets when I was doing the dining room. The cabinets serve as lots of storage for various things I can't part with as well as most of my dinnerware sets. I have so many sets of dishes it is criminal. Especially considering that I hardly cook at all any more but boy do I love to set a pretty table. In any case, I knew I wanted a place to decorate to break up the wall of cabinets and I've been happy I did this. It holds just the right space for a holiday vignette. I got this glittery haunted house at JoAnns several years ago for about 75% off. The lanterns were a buy from Southern Living and I use them for all different holidays. The shutters came off my kitchen window and I just happened upon them in the garage the day I was decorating and thought they might help with the proportions of this scene.

I made the BOO banner last year. I downloaded the letters and then added crepe paper rosettes, some crows and glittery cording. I also hung some feathery bats over the mirror just because I had them and more is more!

This is the side board. It is mostly dollar store skulls and hands, mercury glass and Michael's candles. I really love all of the candles because if we are ever eating at this table, I do light them.

That's it for the dining room. Next stop will be the kitchen. Stay tuned.

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