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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Thoughts..

We are now home from our Halloween travels. We managed to hit them all - costume parade, pumpkin patch, Scarecrow Row and parties. It has been a fun time and in houses everywhere Halloween is now officially over. Not in mine. Since my October has been so hectic, I decided to give myself a few more days of my favorite holiday. I still have all of my candles lit, lights burning and decorations "decorating?". I always have a hard time giving up this holiday but I will this coming weekend as I have a few ideas for November that I am looking forward to putting out.

This blog seems a bit disjointed, but it is made up of final bits and pieces before the orange and black is a thing of the past once again.

Here we are at the pumpkin patch in Alachua and then with a few of the scarecrows on Scarecrow Row. This is always one of my favorite autumn traditions. It seems like the "official" start of the holiday although having all of the grandkids at our house for the weekend really starts us off every year.

There are always a few things I look at more than others as I roam the house once the decorations are all up. Here are some of my favorites.

I love this hand and for this holiday it is holding "trick or treat" tickets I found in Micanopy.

I made these boxes as gifts last year. They were all over blogland, so I'm not sure where I got the idea. I just bought papier mache boxes at Michaels and covered them in classic black & white scrapbook paper. Then, I covered small pumpkins with instant papier mache and tried to make them look vintage. All that was left was some embellishing!

Also made these smaller boxes. Somehow I became obsessed with date and number tags.

I made these bones a few years ago when Martha first showed them. Wish I had known that if I had just waited a year or so, they would be available everywhere. Oh well, I do love to glitter so it was a labor of love!

I showed you these witch boots before but I love the sign that I added that my oldest daughter gave me - very appropriate.

This is a card that I bought from Cherry's Jubilee that I turned into a tag and then added a beaded trim to dress it up.

Lastly, this is my autumn wreath that I usually just add a few masks to for Halloween. This year, my cousin sent me these cute, stuffed felt figures and I added them as well. Then, it was starting to look better so I added the glittery pumpkins and hanging stuff and I love it! Don't want to take it apart and make it go back to autumn again!

I am almost done with my downloads of pictures. Sure does take a long time when there are so many. I promise I won't make you look at all of them but I will be sharing soon! Stay tuned.

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