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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Haunt Continues

O.K. You knew I wouldn't be able to avoid putting just a few of our weekend photos on my blog. They are never the greatest because the sun is always in someone's eyes, but I've gotten to where things like that don't really bother me any more. We're all together and this is how we are at this moment. Notice that once you get a bit older (or maybe it is just that you are female) the poses happen even if the sun is in your eyes.

This is actually a picture of the chandelier in the living room. One last glimpse before we head in to the family room.

I used to put my witch collection on the mantle but wanted to do something different this year. I thought about not putting them out at all, but so many of them have been made for me by friends who have moved away that I just couldn't put away the memories. I decided to tuck them in a shelf next to the fireplace and I like them much better there. If there is time for tweaking, I will probably add some sort of background - branches, spooky gauze, glittery leaves - not sure yet.

This is this year's mantle. I have added cob webs since I took the picture and I think it really pulls it together. I am always a bit reluctant about the webs because it seems like I am still trying to remove them months after Halloween. One time we had a big, outdoor party and I strung them everywhere. What I forgot was that all of my posts and beams at that time were rough sawn timber and boy, what a mess that turned out to be for months afterward!

Most of the pictures on the mantle were simply downloaded. Two of them were purchased already framed from Michaels and the largerst was purchased at Target. It came in a flimsy plastic frame, so I cut it out and reframed in a chunky frame I had sitting around. I think there will still be a bit of tweaking to do before I am totally happy, but for now it will work.

Here is a close up of one of my spider lamps. This is another of my bargains from the Bombay Company. Have I mentioned how much I miss that store?!

Nothing special here. Just a glimpse of my ever growing collection of frames and pictures of past Halloweens.

There is more in the family room, but I will take pity on you and end with my bat collection. One year when the girls were all together they made me bat hands. I loved them so much, that as the 3 younger grandkids came along, I added their bat to the flock. I hang them off of an A/C vent and it is fun to see them flutter about.

Tomorrow we're off to the kitchen and dining room. I am now off to begin sewing one of my many costumes. Everyone chose their idea so early this year that I really thought I'd be done by now. But, as fate would have it, things happen and I am really just getting started. I am not worried as I do enjoy sewing and I will just turn on all of my Halloween lights, light some eery candles, put on some music and before I know it, I will be done. Of course, it will probably involve several more trips to the store because no matter how hard I peruse the patterns, I always seem to forget some notion or another.

On my way to Gainesville for the next few days. My mom, Girl Scouts and two more volleyball games will happen before I will be sitting here again. Stay tuned.

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