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Monday, October 25, 2010

Something's Brewing

I can't believe it's taken me so long to get back to the kitchen even though my husband likes to say that if you want to see me in the kitchen these days , you will have to provide the map -ha-ha! Between caring for my mom and still making the last of the Halloween costumes (mine is STILL not done), blogging has had to take a back seat.

My kitchen isn't really all that decorated this year. I did put out one of my all time favorites - my jack-o-lantern pot. I found this guy at Hallmark many years ago and have never seen anything like it since. When we have our big Halloween gatherings, I use him for chili and always get a comment from someone asking where I found it.

I changed up the hutch at the end of the kitchen a bit this year. It usually holds more of the serving pieces but now I made it a sort of a bar area. I think I did that because of the wine bottle votives I got at Yankee Candle. They are sort of the center of attraction and look pretty lit at night. Other favorites in this area are the wine bottle holder/spooky tree and bottle cover /vampire cape. I bought both of them at Bombay Co. To the left of the picture is another favorite gift from daughter #2. It is a spider web covered cheese plate and cloche. I love it so much I think of things to serve just so I can use it. I also LOVE my witch's brew wine glass given to me by my oldest daughter and my Lolita margarita glasses. I bought these before she painted wine glasses as well. I don't drink margaritas but I love her playfulness in painting the glasses. On the upper shelf is a large glass. I always find these 50% off after the holiday and like the large one to either serve or use as a candle holder.

Because of my time constraints this year, my counters just got "stuff" put out. In the one wire basket, I just piled various stuff I didn't know what to do with but I like it. Any time you add a glittered skeleton, it can't be bad!

Another old standby is my haunted house cookie jar. I got this at Target many years ago also 50% off after Halloween. Next to it is a candy jar cauldron I made when I was doing ceramics and another full of hot chocolate mix from Crate & Barrel - I think.

This is the side of my pie safe. The framed picture is a cross stitch I did MANY years ago when I still had time - and better vision! The pumpkin is something I made to sell when I was part of a craft co-op. I cut the shape out of canvas, filled with batting, did some stitching and then painted and varnished him. Added a few wire twists and bow and he is still one of my favorites although I remember him being a real pain to make!

This is a bit of the shelf over the doorway and the top of the pie safe. The plate is one of my treasured keepsakes made for me by granddaughter #2. She was quite young when she made it and it is very special. Next to the plate is a hurricane all of the kids and I made a few years ago. We decoupaged ripped pieces of Halloween tissue to the outside and then dripped puffy paint down the lip and sides. It is pretty when it is lit. Note to self. Next time look a little more closely when snapping close ups. I was so concerned about flashback that I failed to notice the wonky lamp shade or how off center everything is. The worst part is that I saw it as soon as I previewed this picture and still haven't done anything about it - YIKES!

A few more pictures and my witch who is totally here to delight (and it doesn't hurt that it totally annoys my husband) the kids as she makes a cackling noise any time any noise is made near her! LOVE it!!!

My pig rounds things out. In the past he has been much more ornately dressed - and he will be again - this year he is going simple. Just wish there were more hours in a day during the month of October.

That pretty much takes you around the inside of the house. I will be off most of the next week actually getting to enjoy all that my favorite holiday has to offer. If there is time, I will post some favorites of mine that I find myself looking at often during the season. If not, I hope everyone has a hauntingly good time and I will be back getting ready for Thanksgiving soon. And, oh yes, I will have lots of pictures!

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