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Friday, July 16, 2010

Now the fun begins!

O.K.-so now the fun begins! Not being much of a summer person (can't stay ahead of the weeds, can't stay ahead of the watering needs, can't feel comfortable outdoors unless I'm in the pool which I can't do most of the summer because of the storms-remind me again why tourists WANT to come to Florida in the summer?!), I am always the first to jump the gun into Indian summer. Today is the first chance I've had to take down my 4th decorations, Out will come the sunflowers and lots of red, orange and yellow. Those colors remind me of heat, so I feel I can justify them if the "decorating police" ever knock on my door. They also let me know that autumn is just around the corner-for me that will be Sept. 1 even if it IS still 110 degrees in the shade around here! I will hold off on bringing out the leaves and acorns but I do admit it will test my inner strength to do so!

That being said, my next step will be to pull out my Halloween file. I've been in Gainesville this week making curtains for Granddaughter #3's new room and teaching #1 to sew. As we were doing that, this year's costume choices were being tossed around. That may seem ludicrous to some, but I was thrilled as I make most of the kid's costumes and the sooner I start, the better! Sewing is EXPENSIVE these days and I will be watching to catch not only fabric sales but pattern sales as well-have you priced a pattern lately? What are they thinking? I refuse to pay $17.95 for tissue paper that will be used once and then thrown away-which it will as we never repeat a costume. Believe me, I will go through many JoAnns and HL coupons before Oct. 31! Of course, everything is very hush-hush until the BIG reveal at our yearly costume party in Gulfport every year so there will be NO hints but the choices so far will be a hit!

Of course, if I'm going to do any Halloween crafting, I will need to start soon, hence pulling out the file in July. I will also need to find where I shoved everything I bought for Halloween last year after the fact. I truly hyper-ventilate when I see orange and black (is there a name for this disease?) any time all year long so I am always in shopping mode. Hopefully I wrote myself a note reminding where I hid everything-now I just have to find my note to self-it's not EASY getting old! In any case, as the red, white and blue glitter makes way for the orange and black, I am including a few of our past Halloweens to maybe get you thinking ahead as well. Summer decorating will be done soon and pictures will follow. Until then, stay cool!

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