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Saturday, July 24, 2010

And life goes on.......

O.K. You are probably saying what do these pictures have to do with decorating? And you would be correct except that they are now my excuse for why I haven't been thinking too much about decorating-that, and the fact that I really dislike the heat of summer and can't much think about anything else but how to avoid it!!!!! In any case, my youngest daughter and her family will soon be moving back to our town-her hometown. They were here this past week touching base with schools, looking at neighborhoods (as things have changed a bit since she left 20 years ago!), etc. While they were here, the boys visited with my brother and his wife and attended track camp-which my brother has led for too many years to remember...let's just say that my girls used to go when they were my grandchildrens' ages! In any case, we went to track meets, lunches with Great Nana, swims with aunts and cousins and just lots of summertime relaxing!
Of course, if the truth be told, most of the time this week was spent planning and making things for Presley's first birthday party. Being new to blogging, I have realized the one thing I forget to do is take "before" pictures-unless it involves the grandkids and I'm planning a scrapbooking page (which seems to be only a distant memory on my to-do list, but I digress) so I don't have any pictures of what we were working on. Just let me say, that we went from "she's only one, she doesn't really NEED a party" to "wow, this is going to be the biggest, bestest party ever!" The theme is Sweet P's Sweet Shoppe. The color scheme changed a bit, but what we ended up with is pretty much what her mommy envisioned, so we're all happy. And let me just say that it is a good thing that Nana IS an obsessed, lapsed scrapbooker as the supplies in this house are never ending. All you have to do is say "I wish we had..." and it shall appear like magic from the depths of my "someday I may need this so I had better buy it when I see it" stash. More on the party will follow later this week.

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