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Monday, April 9, 2018

Unexpected Weekend

My life is nothing if not unexpected. Just when I think I have it down, it takes a turn...and thank goodness it does or it would be VERY boring!

I literally had just typed in the title of this blog and was getting ready to post about my unexpected Saturday when I decided to run out to the kitchen for a glass of water. When I did, I checked my phone - I'm really bad about carrying it with me or even just turning on the ringer. I saw a text that had come in about an hour earlier. It was from daughter #3 inviting me to tag along with her and my two youngest grand children to our historic downtown theater to see "I Can Only Imagine". I had been wanting to see this movie as I have loved that song ever since I first heard it. But, I now only had about 20 minutes to get presentable. I don't think I have ever moved so fast - at least not in a LONG time. But, make it I did. And I am not sorry! That movie was so emotional that I literally had tears running down my face and off of my chin. So very inspiring and just a beautiful, beautiful message!

And, that wasn't even what I had set out to post. My Saturday was to be uneventful until my brother and sister-in-law would arrive late Saturday evening after spending the afternoon visiting and sitting with my grand children while their parents were off to an auction gala. The weather  was threatening so my brother and SIL came down early and we got to visit and enjoy a nice meal together before they headed out.

My brother was back very quickly with his dog and my grand daughter in tow. It seems like my daughter's two young whippersnapper dogs and the "more mature" dog were not exactly seeing eye to eye so Jim brought Pre back here to stay with me. He had no sooner stepped into my house than the skies opened up, the wind blew and my power went OUT!

We waited for it to blow over - which it did really quickly - called in a report and headed to my daughter's house where the electric was still fine. As we got to the end of my circle, we saw what had happened. A neighbor's very tall tree had snapped off mid trunk and fallen across the road and taken all of the wires with it.

And so, we did what we usually do this time on a Saturday evening. We poured some wine and settled in with the kids. It really wasn't long before I got a text from my neighbor telling me the crews were out with chain saws and not too long after that that the power was back on. And so home I went to keep Pre company and get back to the things that are on my never ending list of "catch-ups".

And so my life goes...just when I think I have it nailed, a better offer comes my way and I am off on a new adventure. That list will always be there.

It is now Monday morning and we are looking at two rainy days ahead so I am back where I started. Thought we could move on to the kitchen. I must admit that even though I love spring, I think I love it more in my gardens than I do in my house. I am not truly inspired with spring decor. A few years ago I did lots of nests and birds but that seems too "cluttered" for these days. Trying to keep things a little simpler and not so in need of constant dusting! In any case, the kitchen is just kind of spring colors but still "kitcheny".

I guess there are still a few birds stuck here and there but no nests any more.


The window sill has two new friends. I saw these the other day at Home Goods and just couldn't help myself. I put them in and out of my cart several times but in the end, "IN" won out. It wasn't until I got home and went to put them out that I realized why I was so drawn to them. It happens without me even realizing!

I knew I loved them because they were "crocky" and chipped and had script and all about herbs...but, do you see it? I didn't until I was putting them out. There is a postmark down on the bottom corner. It was meant to be. Serendipity!! I must admit that this is probably not where they will stay. It is where I put them when I first unpacked and I really haven't had time to think about them again until just now looking at these pictures. We shall see. They actually had one more in "mint" and if I happen back there any time soon, I may just grab it as well. After all, I can always use just one more chippy, scripty, post marked crock! Lol

And right in between those beauties sits my flower pot made by my grand children years ago featuring their fingerprints in the middle of each of those flowers.

I was just finishing things up the day I picked my two youngest grands up from school and brought them back to the house. Presley saw the clean chalkboard and asked if she could do the spring sign. Don't you just love the little "hi" up in the corner?

So that is the kitchen. I have a rather busy week ahead but I will be back. MAJOR project coming up soon. I'll be getting estimates and fill you in when I'm ready to start. Stay tuned.

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