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Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Showers...

Thought I would take a few quick photos before we get some much needed rain. The lighting isn't great, but then again, between my eyes and reflections of mirrors and windows, it never is in this room - or even most of my rooms. We are still having beautiful spring temperatures and I think I have finally seen the re-growth of everything that took a hit this winter. There are definitely flowers blooming again although not all that were blooming at this time last year when we had had a very mild winter. I have been holding my breath on one of my bougainvilleas on the trellises around the garage door but I FINALLY see a few small leaves popping back out. Those two potted bougainvilleas made me the saddest to see hit because they were really all the way up and starting to go across the top of the garage. I guess I should have covered them but they are such a sturdy plant that I really didn't think it was necessary. Now I know!

In any case, let's start with the living room spring decor 2018.

I love using garden signs indoors at this time of year. They kind of set the mood for the decor.

I also love using the old garden finials and porch pieces that I found in all sorts of garden and antique shops I always frequented when out of town. Old, chippy, rusted things always have and probably always will speak to me.

Here's another favorite sign. I remember buying this in a little garden shop near The Pirate's House Restaurant in Savannah. It was a bit off the beaten path but I was so happy to find it and it was one of the places I made sure to visit every time we went to Savannah after that.


That is the living far. I just realized that Spring will be up until June 1 when I will start getting ready for July 4. That is a pretty long time so I will probably be doing a bit of tweaking as I go. Spring is my second favorite season. I definitely get the feel of renewal and, to me, that usually means a few new treasures to freshen things up a bit. Since I just removed my very droopy Easter lily from that pot on the coffee table, my first tweak will probably be something new and flowering in there. Stay tuned.

And, by the way, that pop of yellow in the pansies on the coffee table is driving me crazy. Even though pansies say spring to me, I just am not a yellow fan - at least not when everything else is just shades of green. I'll still be cutting pansy bouquets but I'm thinking they'll be going in the kitchen and bedrooms from here on out. I'm just a little OCD in that way. Lol

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