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Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring...and My War on White

This has been a super busy week! I have spent lots of time with family and friends!

As last posted, I had daughter #3 and her family over for dinner on Tuesday. I had so much fun setting the table and cooking. Everything was so good...except for that cake I was so looking forward to. You will see in the picture - which I forgot to take until we had already cut it - that it looked so delicious. The icing ( which was 3 cups heavy cream, 8 oz. cream cheese, a bit of sugar and 2 c. of diced, fresh strawberries ) was delicious but the cake, in spite of being full of half and half, sour cream and lots of butter as well as MANY steps of sifting and re-sifting - which I followed to the letter and I usually don't - was DRY!!! Very disappointing. Oh, we all managed to eat a slice but afterward, I not only threw away the recipe, I threw away the rest of the cake! Epic fail!!
But, the table was pretty and it was fun to get my chef "chops" working once again!

Wednesday I spent out and about with a very special friend. She is one of those people who has a special "listening" ear and who, even after hours and hours together, never runs out of things to say!

Thursday was this year's Spaghetti Dinner and Spring Sing at the "little" kids' school. They also do a small art exhibit and it is always so much fun seeing how proud these kids are of their accomplishments and hearing about what a good job they are doing from their teachers! And, the spaghetti isn't bad either. Lol

Can you see her sequined watermelon purse with pizza change purse? She never took them off the entire evening...even while singing .Lol

We always wonder at how perfect the weather always seems to be for this activity. The stage is set up outdoors for the sing and it is always breezy and lovely. A truly perfect Florida evening!

I'm hoping to get out into the yard the rest of the day - if my lawn man would just hurry up and get here so I could do my thing uninterrupted! This is what I'm "dealing" with right now. So many things are back and blooming!!

Lots of Gerberas in many colors!

I love my mock oranges. I just wished they smelled as good as the "real" ones!

These are my first day lily blooms but I have many, many plants that are loaded with buds and ready to burst any day!

I wish these fabulous smelling roses could stay this beautiful all summer long. Unfortunately, they are one of the things that are loving our unseasonably cooler temperatures. Once we get back on normal weather patterns, they begin to suffer.

My pansies and many of my "still hanging on" mums are also very happy with the cooler temps. I am still doing lots of "deadheading" and harvesting bouquets so they will hang on as long as possible.

And last, things as referenced in the blog title. I don't know why but all of a sudden, I am against all things stark white. This is the season of newness and I would think it would be fine with me but, for whatever reason, it is not and it hits my eye harshly! You remember I already addressed the two finials. The other day when I walked into my kitchen, I was hit with this. I know it is hard to tell why that utensil holder bothered me with all of the cabinets and counter tops being white as well, but it did.

But it now looks like this. I don't know what "white" ever did to deserve this treatment from me. Maybe if it plays nice next time, I will allow it. Lol

Off to get some things accomplished before I head to a lacrosse game this weekend. This is now my oldest grandson's newest sport...not in place of, but in addition to, football. I don't know a thing about this sport but I bet I'm about to learn. Stay tuned.

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