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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Diagnosis Is Finally In...

...definitely a SEVERE case of spring fever! I never felt it coming on!! I just woke up one day and all of the symptoms were there! And so I did the only thing I knew to do. I lit into it head on!

Yesterday was the attack on outdoors. I had most of my yard up-to-date, but I hadn't addressed pollen and mold since our last big assault.

And so, I started with my windows and screens. I got all of them done - inside and out - with the exception of the sunroom. Those are still on to to-do list. Then, I cut back the hedge around the circular drive that seemed to grow of late with a vengeance!

 And then it was on to the gazebo. Glass topped table and tea cart had to be seen to be explained. Thankfully in this day and age, we have the miracle of Windex. I pretty much went through a whole bottle yesterday! And, it was once again time for the yearly recovering of the chair cushions.

There is something strangely funny about those cushions. I have truly recovered them every year since we purchased the table and chairs - right after the gazebo was built - so, many, many years ago. I have just the vaguest recollection of buying the fabric at a fabric store that has been out of business forever!! I don't remember why I bought the fabric but I literally must have bought 20 yards because it has been used over and over and STILL there are yards left for years to come. Guess it's a good thing I like it so much!

In any case, I really thought I was "cured" when I came in late last night. But, when I got up this morning and saw my beautiful, sparkly windows, I knew I still had some "symptoms" And before I knew what hit me, I was on to the floors!

Since I'm not as strong as I once was - wink, wink - this is how I ended up emptying the rooms. I literally moved things as close as I could to avoid any extra heavy lifting. I probably won't be able to stand tomorrow, but I love it when Townada comes to visit!

Once the rooms were cleaned out, I used the opportunity to wash all of the base boards and truly get under the larger pieces I didn't move. And, once again, thanks to modern supplies, cleaning and waxing wood floors can now all be done at once!

Just look at that shine! I am seriously considering how I can go about life without ever stepping on these beauties again. I know it won't last long but I am reveling in all of that wonderful "sparkleyness" right now...between the windows and the floors, I could use sun glasses to take it all in. Lol

I do have to wonder what is happening to my skin if the sun can do this to hard wood floors!?

I am so still in the spring fever mode. I don't know where tomorrow will take me, but it will be fun to see. Maybe it's time for just a few new pillows or a new plant - haha. I am definitely thinking about repainting my kitchen cabinets and also a bit of an update in the familyroom...not to mention the renovation on the pool. Looks to be a busy spring. Hopefully I will get it all done before the dreaded heat of summer arrives and I hibernate until autumn. Stay tuned.

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