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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

We have had the most beautiful weather lately and I have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible because I know that living in Florida, this too shall pass and I will be happy to be inside with the A/C soon enough!

That is one of the reasons that I am so happy that the Easter to spring transition is pretty much the easiest one of the year. It really didn't take me long at all to pull out the bunnies, eggs and pastels and replace them with birds, nests and more greens-with a few other spring colors thrown in where I had no choice. I actually just popped these pansies into the door basket because the pansy flag is still up and I thought it helped tie the two together. As I'm looking at this picture I see where I might need to get out there and mix the flowers up a bit more-it kind of looks like just what I did-stick the pansies in and called it a day-lol.

Here is one example of spring color. I like this wreath even though I'm just not much for pink any time of the year except for Easter. Since there is some purple in there as well and purple in the basket in the scale, I'm OK with it.

I always love a chance to use the old pieces of porch that I bought many years ago in a garden shop in Mt. Dora. Those were each a purchase that had my husband quoting his favorite line..."how much did they pay you to take those old things off of their hands?".

Garden plaques aren't just for outdoors-especially this time of year. I have several in the house right now and I love the garden vibe they achieve.

These candle sticks and the rustic pot the nest is in make my heart happy. There is just something about the old, weathered look that I just love! The more rusted or chipped, the better!

So that is the spring living room. As I was taking these pictures, I found myself wondering what I usually post during May. It seems like last year we had a little thing like a master bath renovation going on so there was lots to talk about. Won't have anything like that happening this year so I had better get my thinking cap on and come up with some project ideas. I have been wanting to frame out some of our windows so I think I just might see who I can rope into helping on that. And, of course, there is always the next holiday coming down the pike. In my case, that will be 4th of July-which usually goes up in early June so it can be there awhile. And, look at my first, new, little treasure. I spied it at HL the other day and that 40% off coupon was just burning a hole in my pocket. And, of course, it didn't hurt that it was such a cute vintage image. I'm just getting some ideas perking so stay tuned.

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