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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Just Have a Sec...

No wonderful, thought provoking post for today-but then, when does that EVER happen here. I just have a second to show you how I spent this past weekend in our gorgeous, spring weather.

Saturday saw us in Gainesville celebrating our first grand daughter's 21 birthday. It truly seems like only yesterday that we were awaiting the arrival of this sweet cherished, child. I truly don't know where the years go...but go they do! And, in true Hannah fashion, we only had a limited time in which to celebrate because she was in the middle of her last day of training before being certified as a yoga instructor-just the last of her many certifications all achieved while attending honors classes at UF and graduating with honors in just three years! She definitely likes to push herself and we could not be more proud of the beautiful young woman she has become. Because time was limited, pictures are not plentiful but they tell the story!

The theme for her celebration was Boho-kind of fits Hannah's slant on life.

Hannah with her beautiful sister, Morgan.

We truly could not love these children more!!

Then on Sunday we were invited to daughter #3's house for a day outdoors followed by a fabulous dinner full of beautiful new spring recipes. We sure got our share of fresh air this weekend.

We truly still do not have any concrete plans for Easter but things are starting to be tossed around, so we shall see. The older I get, the better I get flying by the seat of my pants. I don't think I'm hosting but if I am, I'm sure decorated for it. Bring it on! Stay tuned.

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