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Friday, September 22, 2017


I have mentioned before that sometimes life keeps me so busy that I tend to neglect my blog. But, that usually doesn't happen this time of year as it is my absolute favorite. I realized this morning that September is almost over and "life" has keep me more preoccupied than usual...and Hurricane Irma had a lot to do with that.

We didn't get anywhere near what the predictions had been and thank goodness for that! The devastation around here was more than enough-power was out in some places for over a week, some things are still not back up and running. Trees were uprooted, huge branches are everywhere making clean-up even more challenging. Roofs were lost. Much flooding occurred. And yet, we were the truly lucky ones. So many areas received so much more devastation. Everyone was just happy for the safety of their family, friends and neighbors and communities have come together in so many wonderful ways!

I have spent a good deal of my "free" time picking up the pieces of the many little things that got neglected for 10 days. I think I am almost there...and actually beginning to begin thinking of moving forward. And, of course to me, that means more embracing of the season! So happy to finally have my mums arrive!!!

And while I was out restocking an empty fridge and freezer, paying bills, etc., a few other items caught my eye so I decided to get a jump on all things pumpkin and Halloween. For so many reasons, I don't think we will be pulling off our traditional family Halloween costume party but I am pretty sure we will be celebrating in some way-at least with the youngest grand children-so I will be ready!

I have been wanting an olive bucket for a long time so when I saw this one at HL for 50% off-and just the perfect size for the mum I had just picked up, I knew I had to have it! I think it is one of those things that will find its way into almost all seasons of my decorating...I'm starting to love those pieces all the more. It is a simple change when all you have to do is swap our whatever is in that particular vessel.

I couldn't resist buying a few more of this Jelly Belly game. The kids and I have done it in the past and it is so gross that they LOVE it so much. You spin the dial to tell you what color jelly bean you have to eat. The only catch is that there are two flavors of each color-one that is very pleasant and one that is ridiculously gross-and you're never sure which one you got until you taste it!

Daughter #1 found one of these doorbells last year and by the time I saw hers, they were sold out! Imagine my joy when I found this at Target!! They were really just starting to put out Halloween but, there it was...just meant to be this year! The eyelid is closed until you ring the bell and when you do, it pops open and starts "talking". Again, this is something that the kids will love and I imagine I will go through more than a few batteries as they ring it and ring it and ring it.....

So that starts my stash. I haven't really thought about decorating yet although this is usually the week when I begin. I'm still a bit sleep deprived and my brain isn't quite functioning at full force-but, it will be soon! I will be back with more. Stay tuned.

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