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Sunday, October 6, 2013

We're Almost Done!

So on we go to perhaps the most difficult room ever to photograph. I have lots of mirrors in every room-never realized how many until I started taking pictures for this blog. Not only do they give you lots of "flash-back" but some major contortion is needed not to be seen taking the picture (usually when I am decked out in p.j.s or gardening clothes) in the reflection. But this room really takes the cake because it is small and kind of like the infamous "hall of mirrors"-reflection in reflection in reflection!

In any case, here we go...

Wow! I guess this picture really makes my case. It is hard to see where one thing stops and the reflections begin!

Let me apologize for the streaks on the mirrors right now. Truly can't see them "in person" but I guess the flash brought them to the fore-front and I am too tired to go back and clean them, retake pictures, delete pictures, re-edit....well, you get the idea. Rest assured that now that I see it, I will get to least before we expect company...I promise!

This guy used to "live" in the family room front window but since I changed the mood in there this year, he didn't make the cut. But, I like him too much to pack him away, so I thought since this is the bathroom the kids use the most when they are here, he might bring a smile to their faces. And, he gives off a soft orange glow that will probably serve as their night light.

You have now almost seen everything for this year. I will be busy planning this year's Nana & Papa weekend and our Halloween costume party-not to mention sewing costumes-but I still might have a thing or two to share so stay tuned.

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