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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pieces of the Past

A few more tidbits of what turns my autumn decorations into Thanksgiving. I bought this plaque at Stein Mart a few years ago. It looked kind of dull to me - it was just black & white - so I used a few of my art chalks to add a blush of color. Like it much more.

I squeeze turkeys in wherever possible. The orange turkey above was found in a Tea Room gift shop in Tampa. I like him because he is different and adds a bit of bling. It's hard to make out but he has glitter on his wings and crystals hanging from his beak, wings and stand.

This is a cross stitch I did many years ago. I always loved that hymn. I can even remember singing it in music class way back in elementary school - yes, it is that old!. When I saw the pattern, I knew I had to stitch it. It hangs on the side of the pie safe as you enter the kitchen.

Then, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without my pilgrims. The candles above are very old, but still not the originals. I remember my mom - and just about everybody else's mom - having a set of these when I was very young. I have had these at least as long as I have been married. I think they may be the first Thanksgiving decoration I bought after we were married. Wish I had kept the box because they were probably about 25 cents each.

This set of pilgrims is from my ceramic-ing days. I still can't believe my eyes were good enough to paint their eyes not to mentions my hands steady enough to hold that small a paint brush!

I think everyone who lives within 10 miles of a Publix must have at least one of these pilgrims. I also have a spoon rest. They are kind of cutesy, but every time I think of getting rid of them, I remember the day I walked into an antique shop in Dade City and saw them for sale for a ridiculous amount of money! Think I'll hold on to them a little while longer - maybe they can fund our retirement! A proper pay back I think for being so lovingly cared for these many years.

That is about it for Thanksgiving. Every year I think I may just go straight from Halloween to Christmas, but as I look back over some of these things I have so many memories come flooding back. Most all of this has been around since my kids were young and I can remember them looking at them or helping me decorate with them. I guess that is why I like Thanksgiving. It is here only to remind us how blessed we really are and family plays such a huge part in that. I guess that is why I continue to decorate my house - it spurs those precious memories and reminds me why it is so important to press on to make new ones. Today's adventures may one day be remembered on a granddaughter or even great granddaughter's blog. Something to think about. Stay tuned.

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