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Monday, December 22, 2014

Whirlwind Tour

Wow! We have three days to go and I am still not done shopping, NOT ONE gift I DO have is wrapped, NOT ONE cookie has been baked, no cleaning has been done and I haven't even planned our Christmas dinner for 17 let alone shopped or begun cooking for it!! Yet, I am having so much fun with family activities that I don't even mind. It will probably hit me sometime later today, so let's get on with the tour with the photos I have.

One of the "surfaces" that I lost in my redesign this year was the area where I always put our nativity. I decided to put it in the bottom of the niche and was feeling pretty good about the way it looked until my youngest grand daughter came over and was telling me about her nativity. When I asked her to come see mine and I showed her all of the statues, she reminded me that something very important was missing when she asked me where my star was. I thought pretty fast and she and I went out to our tree where I found one of the new ornaments my cousin had made for me this year. It is a felted star and was just perfect! We quickly found a tack and hung it in its place of honor. Presley told me that now everyone could find their way to baby Jesus.

I still have this bulletin board hanging on the side of our pantry. I especially love it this time of year when I fill it with family picture Christmas cards and things the kids have made me over the years.

So that is the fast version of the dining room, sun room and kitchen this year. Off to try to get some cookies done. A bit more to show you in the house as well as all of the fun times I have been having but that will have to wait for another post. Stay tuned.

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