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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hi! Remember Me?

Really not sure there is still anyone out there since my last post was Nov. 30, but, I'm back! I have has a fabulous 17 days but I am soooo far behind on soooo many things that I thought I would just snap a few Christmas decor pictures today and get them posted and then I will be back with more and to fill in the details the next time I have a spare day! Let's start in the living room.

Moving on to the family room:

Our tree is not as tall or round as we usually get because we waited a few extra days to get it this year. It probably worked out for the best because I didn't have time to do much more decorating any how. It just comes close to the ceiling so I am OK with that.

There are several stories that go along with my beautiful now hurricane lantern and candle from PB and wooden olive board from Williams Sonoma but you will have to wait to hear them in another post.

I have already tweaked a few things since I took these pictures: added lots and lots of fresh greenery - it made it into some pictures but not all, I added some greens and large rusty bells to my two french flowers pots (only got a pic of one for you) and, I just now realized that I never put up the candles on the reindeer in the family room, so off to do that now and get back to my ever-growing "to-do" list.  I will be back with so much more - I promise. Stay tuned.

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