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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Have I told you how much I LOVE this sign? It is now MY FAVORITE thing I have made-EVER!!!! The sad thing is that it has been on my to-do list since the day the idea was first published in BH&G Halloween magazine 2 years ago. So glad I finally got myself going. It really wasn't hard to make but it did take a bit of time. Since it is supposed to look a bit time and weather worn, you really can't make a mistake and I had many of the supplies sitting in either my garage or my back yard!

Just got this fabulous glittery witch broom from daughter #3. I knew it would work in this vignette and I love it here. Now I am ready for a quick trip at a moment's notice-ha-ha!

Just a quick trip around the family room. Much of it is the same as last year. I made a few changes to the mantle. My goal this year had been to take down this mirror, hang my new mirror (bought after Halloween last year) from Grandin Road and then add the other tilted frames around it. Unfortutely, when I re-did our fireplace years ago, I covered it in a Venetian plaster. That makes it a bit slick, so I couldn't find any way to hang the frames without them sliding off short of drilling in the plaster. The current mirror hangs from nails I simply plastered around so I thought I could possibly still hang the new mirror with some sort of wire/ribbon set-up but, alas, the new mirror has a small keyhole for hanging so I could not come up with any solution.

 But, while hunting for something in one of the closets, I came upon this empty frame and realized I  could hang it over the frame of the current mirror with a large S hook. It was a bit empty in the large opening so I found a string of small black frames that spell out EEK to dangle-kind of hard to see in this picture between the lighting and reflections in the mirror.

Couldn't get a good picture, but the newest addition to my photo gallery is the headless couple behind the small black candle stick. It is a free download from PB. There a number to choose from and they aren't the "gory" kind of headless photos, so I don't think any of us will have nightmares over it!

I will be back soon with another room. If I don't get started on Halloween costumes soon, we will have one boring costume party! And, next weekend is Halloween at Nana & Papa's and I haven't started my plans for that yet either. Where has the month gone??? Stay tuned.

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