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Friday, October 19, 2012

It Is Official......

...there just ARE NOT the same number of hours in the days during October as there are during the days in the rest of the months of the year. It is either that, or I am doing way too much fun stuff! Have I told you how much I love October? All of my pumpkin patch visits, baby sitting, going to lunch (way too often) and the Autumn Market, volleyball games, costume making and getting ready for this weekend with all 7 grand children at Nana and Papa's has left me wishing there was more time in each day to cram in just a bit more. But, alas, there isn't and so my poor blog has been the one to suffer.

That being said, I hope you will understand why this post will be a mostly pictorial visit through my kitchen and dining room this year. A lot of it is the same but I hope you can garner a few ideas from the things I have stolen borrowed from others.

I will only comment on the new ideas. Which, the birds in the above pictures happen to be. The branches you see were once displayed in a tall metal French flower bucket strung with orange lights. Some times I had my Halloween cones and Bingo cards hanging from the branches but most recently I had it filled with crows. Let's just say the bag of branches had an unhappy demise when they got tangled in my garage door mechanism. Since I didn't want to throw them out, I wired them together and stuck them behind this panel that hangs in the dining room. Then, I perched the surviving birds on the branches and I am happy with it. 
The niche is a little different this year as well with several inexpensive tomb stones propped up behind the haunted house.

This tea cart is where the branch bucket once stood so I knew I needed something large to fill the gap. Sort of killed two birds with one stone when I came up with this idea as I didn't have to find a place to store the large lantern and it filled up the space pretty well. Just kind of loaded it with all of my left over glittered bones.

We have the best weekend ahead of us-all 7 grand children here for all sorts of Halloween crafts, games and food. I'm sure I will have much to share next time. Stay tuned.

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