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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts on Halloween Purchases

This year, I am thinking about changing up some of my decorating vignettes. I am enamored with the Edgar Allen Poe/Raven look. I love black and white, old books and all of the crows. I think it is a bit more "grown-up" looking and classy and traditional. I am not a blood and gore kind of person, but I can get carried away with my witch or pumpkin head collections.

I usually do a sort of laboratory vignette in the livingroom but I am thinking of moving that and doing Poe in there. I have so much Halloween that it is impossible to "move" things in my head. I will have to wait until I get it ALL out and go from there.

My other issue is that I buy a lot at after Halloween sales or just through the year, so I really don't know what I have. I'm also a bit of a creature of habit and have a hard time seeing things differently once they're embedded in my head! I do know that I am about to paint the Habersham Plantation hutch in my diningroom. It is currently dark pine and I am heading to black. Don't know if it is just because I'm thinking of how my Halloween displays will look against it or if it is just reading a bit too country for me these days. Never-the-less, as soon as I can get to Lowes and pick up more paint, I will get it going.

I've pictured a few of my latest purchases. My absolute favorite is the mercury glass apothecary jar. I found it at The Barn. They had them in a number of sizes but I bought only the largest. They were not cheap and the whole set would have blown my budget for the day! This picture really doesn't do justice to the spooky design on the glass - it is awesome!

I also love the witch hazel bottle. The name will fit right in to my theme. Also got it at The Barn. I have always loved their Halloween items, but this year they really went crazy. Moved most of the stuff out to their large, front room and believe me, it was hard getting out of there without one of everything. Their stuff is different from what you see everywhere else.

The stack of books came from a new home decor store here in Ocala. It is a beautiful addition to our new outdoor mall and full of gorgeous decor items as well as a lot of seasonal things - again, different than the norm.

The pumpkin head guy isn't a favorite but I do have a collection of them so I grabbed it up - 50% off at HL. I am going to do some tweaking on it and hopefully I will like him better.

And my favorite of favorites is the birdcage. My daughter bought it for me at The Barn as a thank you for helping her with Presley's party. I had it in my head that I had to find a cage before I decorated. I almost settled for a much smaller one that I would have had to paint. I actually found it in the wedding section of HL - think it is used to hold gift cards. There were others out there, but once again, the prices were totally ridiculous! As we were walking around the garden store, I spied this and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. Can't you just see it crawling with crows?!

I am off to St. Pete tomorrow for a few days. Hubby is going to see his beloved Yankees play the Rays with our son-in-law. Then we will sneak in a visit to Julies and then he and I will spend some time with 2 granddaughters while Mom & Dad head to Tennessee for this week's Gator game. Hope to do some measuring and buy fabric to get going on several costumes before next week is out. I will be missing in action again but maybe I'll be home with more goodies to show you soon!

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