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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucky Me... have all of these neat grandchildren who are willing to humor me with my "eccentricities". Even though they occasionally complain, I think they really like it when we do our dress-up photos. These again are from last year, but I have a birthday coming up so I hope we will be together some time soon and can take some new pictures for this year.

How lucky am I also that my grandchildren not only enjoy doing crafts with me but they sometimes are even the ones who instigate our craft sessions. The leprechaun below is one of our go-tos - for home, school or scouts. When making him when money is no object, we use terra cotta pots. When I used to make them at school, I would substitute heavy plastic cups. Either way they are cute and we usually fill them with green wrapped Hershey Kisses, so the kids are very partial to them.

This is kind of a play on the same idea, but I was looking for something a bit different since we have done the other one so often. We had lots of fun making this hat, but when we were done my grandson asked me where we were going to put the candy! Guess I forgot to think about "the most important" part!

St. Pat's rendition of our famous (or by now infamous) paper napkin decoupage plate. I just can't get enough of these things!

A few years ago I was desperate for a St. Pat's craft to do with the kids and came up with this shamrock made out of 3 hearts. I was O.K. with them when we made them, but now I'm thinking they may need some bling. Have some thoughts going on that subject and if time permits, I may get in there and change it up a bit this year - we'll see.

And this is my all-time favorite St. Pat's craft. It is a flower pot glued on an inverted flower pot saucer and embellished. I love it because it has a bit of a presence. This one sits on a large black candle holder in the living room. The kids enjoyed doing them because they each got to do their own flower arranging and each one is so different on just that aspect.

My house is almost finished being decorated but I took a bit of a break today to paint some furniture...I told you I was getting antsy to do some quick changes and there is nothing like paint. I had actually painted the bottoms of 2 pieces in my dining room black a year or so ago but I left the top stained as I had a lot of other stained furniture. Little by little, the stained furniture made way for painted furniture and this morning I took a notion to finish off the tops of these pieces as well. I will get some pictures soon and show you the befores and afters and see what you think. Stay tuned.

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